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Ryan Russell

Founder, Genetic Genealogist

Ryan has been immersed in the field of genealogy for the past 9 years. His firsthand knowledge, detail-oriented personality, and uncommon determination have helped propel him into the emerging genetic genealogy field. Specializing in North and South American genetic and forensic genealogy cases, he has worked with clients across the globe to unlock answers to their biggest questions.  In addition to his genealogy background, Ryan's 11 years of experience working in local churches have uniquely equipped him with leadership, interpersonal, and crisis management skills for collaborative work involving complex and sensitive situations.

My Story

I was first introduced to genetic genealogy when DNA testing in my family led to the discovery of a surprise extended relative. Once the mystery was solved and a new relationship was established, the power of genetic genealogy became clear. What locked doors might this new field be able to open?

I then began to help adoptees identify their birth parents. Nothing matches the feeling of being able to tell someone the answers to their lifelong questions. After the first solved case, I was hooked. In the first 4 months, I solved 7 cases. I haven't looked back since.

Along the way, I discovered genetic genealogy's potential to impact the field of law enforcement. What if decades-old mysteries could finally be put to rest? What if traumatized families could finally gain closure? What if justice could finally be achieved?

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