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Unknown Parentage

If you're searching for a birth parent or need to solve a family mystery, Genetic Genealogy can provide answers to your lifelong questions.


Will DNA testing provide the answers I need?


DNA testing can be extremely helpful in identifying unknown ancestors. Doors that would seem to have been closed by time, secrecy, and death can be flung wide open with a simple DNA test. If you're searching for a birth parent or recent ancestor, DNA testing has immense potential to uncover unknown answers.


How can genetic genealogy help find my family member?


A DNA test will generate a list of genetic relatives that can be used to pinpoint your unknown relative. Even if no close relatives have tested, more distant genetic matches can be used. I will determine the common ancestors between your matches, then trace down their tree until we find your relative.

How much do your services cost?

I hope to make the answers to your lifelong questions affordable. Pricing varies depending on the difficulty of your project and the time it will take to complete. Please reach out using the contact form below to receive a quote.

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